Daily Devotional

A Daily Devotional of WALKING THROUGH THE BOOK OF PSALMS, Psalm by Psalm and Day by Day.

You are invited to a daily devotional journey with us as we travel through the ancient song book of the Hebrews to discover day by day their relevance for us today in the 21st century. These daily devotionals will focus on a Psalm a day working our way through all 150 psalms.We have attempted to utilize the wholeness of prayer in our daily life while finding our focus in the richness of the Old Testament Psalms of the Hebrew faith. This is not an attempt to provide a scholarly work, but rather an interactive guide for your daily discipline over a period of 150 days or longer.

These daily devotionals come from more than 30 years of my personal relation with these wonderful songs that offer strength and support for all of life. Therefore do not get discouraged if this daily meditational journey ends up taking longer than 150 days. You may also find that you interrup this journey to focus on other meditation themes and studies.Daily there will be a Psalm referenced with thoughts and a prayer for each of the 150 Psalms over the next several weeks.

This devotional guide is designed for you to interact with it and with God as you write out your own reflections on each of the Psalms. This format is intentional as a way for you to think through what the Lord is saying to you and not to others during your daily prayer time. This interactive walk through the Psalms is designed to provide balance in your devotional life. Enjoy and I invite you to join me in this discipline of study and prayer as one step in your personal spiritual walk.

Pastor Bill Taylor     Interim Pastor William E. Taylor, BS, M Div, CMT, HR.

A word about how to access the daily Psalms.  When you click on one of the days you will open Word there you will not only be able read the devotional and then edit to add in your thoughts.  Finally I invite you to save to your computer set up a folder for Devotional: 150 Days in the Psalms that way you can refer back and add to your thoughts at any time.  Enjoy and blessings and shalom.

DAY001.150       DAY002.150       DAY003.150      DAY004.150      DAY005.150       DAY006.150       DAY007.150       DAY008.150      DAY009.150      DAY010.150

DAY011.150        DAY012.150        DAY013.150       DAY014.150       DAY015.150        DAY016.150       DAY017.150         DAY018.150        DAY019.150       DAY020.150

DAY021.150       DAY022.150        DAY023.150      DAY024.150       DAY025.150       DAY026.150      DAY027.150         DAY028.150       DAY029.150      DAY030.150

DAY031.150       DAY032.150       DAY033.150       DAY034.150       DAY035.150       DAY036.150      DAY037.150         DAY038.150       DAY039.150      DAY040.150

DAY041.150      DAY042.150       DAY043.150        DAY044.150       DAY045.150       DAY046.150      DAY047.150         DAY048.150        DAY049.150      DAY050.150     DAY051.150        DAY052.150        DAY053.150      DAY054.150       DAY055.150         DAY056.150

DAY057.150       DAY058.150      DAY059.150        DAY060.150      DAY061.150        DAY062.150      DAY063.150         DAY064.150

DAY065.150       DAY066.150     DAY067.150         DAY068.150      DAY069.150       DAY070.150       DAY071.150          DAY072.150

DAY073.150        DAY074.150    DAY075.150         DAY076.150        DAY077.150       DAY078.150        DAY079.150

DAY080.150     DAY081.150        DAY082.150       DAY083.150       DAY084.150       DAY085.150      DAY086.150         DAY087.150
DAY088.150     DAY089.150        DAY090.150       DAY091.150       DAY092.150        DAY093.150       DAY094.150        DAY095.150
DAY096.150     DAY097.150        DAY098.150        DAY099.150      DAY100.150

DAY101.150       DAY102.150       DAY103.150         DAY104.150       DAY105.150        DAY106.150         Day107.150